Do you want to hear how I plan to make this all about ME this week? Well, too bad, because I’m still going to share: It is NOT chilly this week in Los Angeles and all I want is for it to cool down so I can usher in the beginning of Ridiculous Faux Leopard Coat season. I have a version of this one, but I’ve had it for a while. Mine actually probably looks more like this J.Crew one. Regardless, it’s a very satisfying coat to wear. Amanda Mull wrote a great essay a couple of years ago about how a crazy faux leopard coat acts as “armor against the world,” in her words, and I agree. They’re both glamorous and aggressive, and I recommend them. I actually just recommend leopard print in general. It is — I promise this is true, in the case of accessories — surprisingly neutral. I sometimes dress like a crazy old lady, but even the most low-key woman can pull off a little animal print. (Madewell has a LOT of Chill Leopard right now, btw – this sweatshirt, for example, is very low-pressure.)

Do I have other options? I DO:

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