Thanksgiving is in less than two weeks, Americans. I HOPE YOU HAVE YOUR YAM RECIPES READY (I don’t, but only because I’m not making yams because I don’t like them DEAL WITH IT). While you quietly panic, maybe this will soothe you:

Beckham’s new underwear ads for H&M. ENJOY THEM. (HuffPo)

– You need to see this bad-ass nine year old Pee Wee football quarterback. Oh, did I mention, this bad-ass is a little girl? She rules. (Jezebel)

– Speaking of quarterbacks, Grantland hacks Tim Tebow’s Gmail, with hilarious results. (Note: not real.) (Grantland)

– So World War Z — the production of which has been apparently a nightmare for all and sundry, including Brat Pitt — also LOOKS like a disaster. (Lainey)

– Our friends at Girls of a Certain Age talk the best drugstore beauty products. I will let go of my beloved Maybellline Falsies approximately never. (Girls of a Certain Age)

– Lilo’s hired Rogers & Cowan for her PR now, and they apparently aren’t idiots because they pulled her out of that Barbara Walters interview she was doing. I mean, I am sad as a viewer of trainwrecks, but thank god someone is trying to figure out how to salvage this woman’s career. (Celebitchy)

THEY FOUND A VAMPIRE BODY IN ENGLAND (not really. Just some poor dude they really wanted dead….OR WAS IT??) (Time)

– Let’s talk about the grumpiest authors ever. (Flavorwire)

– Go waste some time with the James Bond movie generator. (Slate)

– Speaking Bond, Vulture (brilliantly) talks to an actual economist about which Bond villain’s plans would actually have worked. (Vulture)

– Finally, earlier this week, Heather talked to The Admiration Society about all kinds of stuff, including Fashion Week. (The Admiration Society)