Yes. I have posted the traditional photo of Monica wearing the turkey on her head. You are officially on Thanksgiving break — and so are we! We’ll be back with regular postings on Monday, but if….I don’t know, Kate and William show up somewhere on Saturday wearing hot pants, I’ll probably provide an Emergency Update. Other than that, go eat your turkeys and try to enjoy the new episodes of Gilmore Girls. And when it comes to thankfulness, Heather and I are very grateful to be able to spend another holiday season with Fug Nation. We very much appreciate your immense patience as we work out the kinks in the site’s redesign. We are very happy to still be with you. Here’s to another round!

Jezebel has a good piece today about how to help Dakota Access Pipeline protesters, should you feel moved to do so.

Entertainment Weekly teaches us how to make Ross’s legendary Thanksgiving leftovers sandwich — with the moistmaker. MY SANDWICH!

Smithsonian looks at the probable menu for the actual first Thanksgiving. Hope you’re having smoked eel tomorrow!

– At Curbed: 101 books about where and how we live

– Anne Helen Peterson wrote a fascinating and exhaustive piece about the 100 year history of male celebrities taking off their shirts.

– This Casey Affleck story in the Daily Beast is quite disturbing.

Kim France wrote a really interesting essay about the traditional Conde Nast holiday lunch, currently over at The Cut

– At Lainey, check out the new Jennifer Lawrence Vanity Fair cover.

Elle asks, What’s it Like to Design Costumes for a Tom Ford Movie?

–Via Celebitchy: I am for real worried about Kanye, you guys.

– British Vogue swears the leopard print coat is BACK.

–At Pajiba, allow me to just leave this headline here: Do You Have Too Much Money & A Holiday Shopping List Full of People You Hate? The Cheetos Store Is For You

– Over at the New Potato, look at all these CUTE CLUTCHES.

– Fascinating, at Atlas Obscura: This Artist Used Over 6,500 Scents To Recreate The Smell Of 35 World Cities

– At Revelist, news you can use: Every single Black Friday beauty sale you need to know about this year

– Can I offer you a Hazelnut Bourbon Hot Chocolate, courtesy of Good. Food. Stories.?

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