Happy Thanksgiving American readers! Happy Almost the Weekend, the rest of y’all. Due to the holiday, Heather and I will be off stuffing our faces and watching football and being grateful for stuff, but we’ll be back to regularly scheduled programming on Monday, November 28th. Until then, please enjoy Fugs and Pieces:

– A reminder! Next Saturday — the 3rd — Heather and I are hosting a Q&A with Pretty Little Liars costumer Mandi Line prior to a fashion show at Macy’s in Sherman Oaks. Come on out!

– Have you noticed that Taylor Swift makes the same surprised face EVERY TIME SHE WINS? Thank God there’s a montage. (I still enjoy you, Taylor.) (Best Week Ever)

– Speaking of Taylor’s, someone should buy Lautner a pie for being so DIPLOMATIC when explaining how insane it was that the more recent Breaking Dawn movie required him to magically fall in love with a baby. (Hollywood Reporter)

– In honor of Thanksgiving, celebrate 40 other Relevant Birds. (Flavorwire)

– Also: retro, and possibly disgusting, T-day menus. (Time)

– I LOVE that Vogue is featuring The Talented Mr Ripley for their latest installment of Dress The Part. Gywnnie’s wardrobe in that movie is to die. (Vogue)

– I’m grateful for this list of funny, hot dudes. Those are two of my favorite attributes in people! (Pajiba)

– Thank GOD someone else read the Kardashian’s novel, so I don’t have to. Because it sounds HORRIFYING….I may still read it anyway. (FourFour)

– This interview with DanRad is sixteen minutes, but it’s worth the watch. The boy cleans a toilet. He also, apparently, will buy you ANYTHING. (Broadway.com)

– Holy cow, I might hate David Beckham’s hair right now, but that dude is so cute with his kids. And Harper Seven is ADORABLE. (Lainey)

– Yeah, what HAS Kate Gosselin done to her face?  She doesn’t look bad — she looks kinda good, actually — but she looks REALLY different. (Celebitchy)

– This is an awesome article about the invention of the Bendy Straw. I love a Bendy Straw. (The Atlantic)