Happy Friday, everyone!

First, a bit of news, and I apologize to those of you who’ve already read about this in Royals Round-Up. But! We are thrilled that The Royal We has made it to the final round of the Goodreads Choice Awards! Huge thanks to everyone who has voted for us throughout the competition! Voting closes on November 23rd, and you can vote for us, or for any of the other extremely worthy finalists, here.

– This piece, on the selfie, at Medium, is really, really interesting and well worth your time.

– Full disclosure: I haven’t had the time to read this very long Maureen Dowd piece in the New York Times about women in Hollywood yet, because it published this morning and I had to finish Royals Round-Up by 1pm PST. But I’m about to read it, and Twitter tells me I will be interested in it.

Do you want to look at some pictures of Idris Elba? OF COURSE YOU DO! (Lainey)

– Also, at Vulture, the most important quiz of our time: Can You Name That Shirtless Man? Reader, I can. Mostly.

– ALSO At Vulture, this piece about Hailee Steinfeld’s new musical career has all the thoughts I’ve also thought about said new career.

– Previously.TV imagines what the Mad Men telenovela that Rogelio came up with — and was sued for — on this week’s Jane the Virgin would look like, and it is funny.

– Women in the World talk to Jennifer Finney Boylan, who is on I Am Cait, and who wrote a best-selling memoir about being transgender in 2003. She has a new book out this week; her interview is thoughtful and smart. To wit: “I guess we can dive right into the question of identity with this because, am I really still a transgender woman? I mean, I went through the transition twelve years ago, so in many ways all the dust has settled in my life . Now I simply identify as a woman. I didn’t go through all of this to become a woman with an asterisk. At the same time my history is different from that of many other women, and it’s something that I’m proud to talk about,” and “I found [my first book] very difficult to write because I was also a young transgender-person at the time. But I was not out, not by a million years. It was a problem. How do you write about the world if you don’t really live in it? How do you tell a story if your own life isn’t true?” I could quote many things she says; you should probably just read the whole thing.

Cenedict Bumberbatch looks WACKY in Zoolander 2. I embrace that fur coat. (You know, in theory.) (Celebitchy)

New York has this amazing piece, part interactive, that looks at the history of one block in New York over the years, door to door. It’s very ambitious — I haven’t read the entire thing yet — and fascinating.

– At Book Riot: 6 Books You Can Discuss At Thanksgiving, By Wine Glass

– At Pajiba:  You Betcha, These Are the Most Troublesome Accents Currently Blasting From Your Television

– I think you’ll enjoy this, at Dazed: The hidden meanings behind the clothes in Cruel Intentions

Allure talks to Chewbacca about his beauty routine. Vodka is involved.

– Are you in a Maeve Binchy novel? How to tell, at The Toast.