Happy Day After Halloween! I hope your hangover (candy-induced or otherwise) isn’t too brutal. While you wait it out, please enjoy the following:

– Reminder, Texans! Heather and I will be at ForeverFest in Austin this weekend! Come out and see us!

– We’re also thrilled to remind you that we’ve collaborated on a line of fun fall shoes with Milk & Honey. All our proceeds will go to the Alzheimer’s Association, so it’s fashion for a good cause. Check them out!

– In honor of Halloween, enjoy The Strange and Mysterious History of the Ouija Board, courtesy of the Smithsonian. (Smithsonian Magazine)

– Also spooky: the Last Meals of Departed Famous People, in infographic form. (Fast Company)

Clooney is SINGLE, you guys. SINGLE! And way late for work. (Lainey)

– Dude. The CW is developing a drama that is based on the life and times of….I hope you’re sitting down…FRED DURST. (Pajiba)

Kanye really wants to Kim to be on the cover of Vogue. And he has a LOT of thoughts about their wedding (two words: Fighter Jets.) Oh, KANYE. You are so delusional. (Celebitchy)

There’s going to be a wine shortage? NOOOOO. (The Atlantic)

Also in production? A Little Women reboot, again. I share Refinery29’s feelings about Prof. Behr. THE WORST. (Refinery29)

– Vulture wonders if you can ID these horror movies based solely on their IMDb keywords. (I did terribly.) (Vulture)

– Vulture is BRINGING IT in the quiz department, also. You absolutely need to play their Friends hang-man. (Vulture)

– I can’t top Grantland’s headline for this: The Best Horror Movie of the Year Is an Insane, Micro-Budgeted 29-Minute Story About an Indonesian Cult. (Grantland)

Nashville fans — and lovers of juicy gossip — will enjoy this interview with T-Bone Brunett on why he quit Nashville. Spoiler: He does NOT love ABC. (The Hollywood Reporter)

– The ladies of The Cut took Nicki Minaj’s Kmart line for an out-in-public test run, with humorous and surprising results. (The Cut)

Flavorwire has some suggestions for American Horror Story: Coven casting. The first one? Elaine Stritch. BRING IT. (Flavorwire)

– I know you want to look at Christina Ricci’s wedding gown. (People)

– Refinery29 also brings us some delicious coat porn for fall. (Refinery29)

– Jennifer Garner ALSO uses “No disrespect to Ben Affleck” all the time. (US Weekly)