Well, Blake Lively’s off-the-shoulder Balmain houndstooth tutu never turned up in any of our subs, but when we saw it on the runway, I did not correctly call that, at all. It seems so obvious now. I don’t love it on her — something about where the cummerbund hits her looks like her midriff is trying to blow a bubble.

Fortunately, we do get a hit of her gallivanting around Paris in some funky trousers, including more houndstooth:

She looks great here — low-key but polished, casual but not boring. If she didn’t seem like an actual nice person from various Internet accounts I’ve read, I would probably be annoyed at how cheerily easy she makes all that look, because it makes me realize I should try a little harder even if my regular life involves only the occasional escape to pre-school and the grocery store. Because who has time, and it’s not like the pre-schoolers care. They’re not going to say, “Oh, well played on that outfit, it’s just the fresh air I needed after finger-painting my letter F.”

Anyway, enough about me. Let’s get to the wacker pants:

I really wish Blake had left well-enough alone, and not tried to dissect a Scrunchie and hot-glue-gun it to her hip.

[Photos: Fame/Flynet]