Ooh, Friday the 13th! I just noticed — nobody walk under a ladder today! And while you’re carefully not breaking mirrors, mayhap enjoy these:

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In more AMUSING topics, we’d still love to hear if you’d like us to come to your city with Spoiled (and give out OPI nail polish!) Speaking of Spoiled, the official publication date is still June 1st — when you will be able to find it at bookstores and Targets and Sam’s Clubs — BUT Amazon and Barnes and Noble.com are both shipping NOW if you really can’t wait. Whee! We love hearing from readers who’ve gotten their copies and who are enjoying the book and we hope you all LOVE IT.

– Also! A reminder that we’re still judging Piperlime’s Crimes of Fashion Facebook contest — you could win a $500 shopping spree! So check that out. (Facebook)

– Lainey’s coverage of Cannes has been totally fun. Also fun? How hilariously hideous Colin Farrell looks in Horrible Bosses. I kind of love Colin Farrell again. I think it started with In Bruges. No, I’m lying. It started when I saw a clip of his sex tape where he’s manning the camera and instead of getting all Sex Tape-y, he goes, quite genuinely, “GOD, I’m a TERRIBLE cinematographer.” (Lainey)

– Do you want to watch a montage of THE GREATEST MOVIE SANDWICHES? Yes. Yes, you do. I love the internet. (YouTube)

– You totally want to look at pictures of Jon Hamm, read about his night at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner (short version: Trump did NOT think everyone making fun of him was funny), and learn that he drinks cocktails of the neon variety. I’m always here for your Hamm needs. I seriously might see Bridesmaids now that I know he’s in it. (Celebitchy)

– Pictures of weird things – like poppies, and lychee nuts! — EXPLODING! (The Picture Show)

– Princess Beatrice is auctioning off her Royal Wedding Cracked Out Hat for UNICEF, which is very very awesome. (People)

– Thank God someone went to the work of compiling the 9 Most Absurd Storylines on One Tree Hill. The first is OBVIOUSLY when Dan’s heart gotten eaten by the dog. I’d argue that the time Dan ACCIDENTALLY SET HIS OWN BROTHER’S GRAVE ON FIRE also ranks. Especially since he also MURDERED that brother. GOD, that show used to be SO GOOD. (Crushable)

– Hope you’ve been grooming your facial hair! It’s time for the WORLD BEARD AND MUSTACHE CONTEST. These dudes are awesome. And hirsute. And awesomely hirsute. (CNN)