HAPPY WEEKEND! Happy end of awards season to us all!

Speaking of awards season, we wrote a Best/Worst Red Carpet piece for our friends at Cosmo.

At Elle: Marley Dias, the 13 year old founder of #1000BlackGirlBooks, interviews Wrinkle In Time star Storm Reid and the results are great. For example, the first question is, “Hi, Storm. I have some questions prepared, and I promise they’re not the boring ones like, “What inspired you to pick this role,” or, “What’s your favorite thing to do.” I tried to come up with questions that I hope you don’t usually get asked.” 

Super, SUPER interesting, at The Cut: What It’s Like to Be a Young Nun. I used to want to be a nun, until I realized that I mostly wanted to be Maria Von Trapp and start off as a young nun and end up married to Christopher Plummer after a thrilling time thwarting Nazis. (I would have been very bad at the obedience and poverty parts as well. MUCH LIKE MARIA.) Having said that, my family and I know many nuns and I always have found them deeply interesting people.

At Lainey: Michael B Jordan did a good thing.

Fascinating, at Buzzfeed: I Tried And Failed To Interview The Instagram Star Who Says She Has Dirt On Trump And Russia

At Celebitchy: People: Mindy Kaling & BJ Novak are ‘just friends’ & she calls him her ‘best friend’. YOU KNOW I feel like they’re just trolling us and also that Mindy can do better than BJ. (I really think that all of us who were ever entangled in a relationship where we were really into the other person and that person liked us okay but REALLY liked the attention have perhaps a lot of emotional investment in Mindy leaving BJ in the dust for good.)

Via AirTalk, this is a really interesting piece on the Thomas Guide, a giant map book of Los Angeles that we all had in the back of our cars in case we got lost, in the time before smart phones. (I still have mine in the back of my car in case I am lost and my phone dies.)

We love lists AND books, and this is a good list of books: The 25 Best True Crime Books Every Person Should Read. I’ve only read 10 of them and I LOVE true crime, so I better get off to the library! (I agree with the top five for sure.) [Esquire]

Racked theorizes: Oprah Is the Original Celebrity Influencer

At Revelist: Lili Reinhart called out Cosmo Philippines for majorly photoshopping her, which is interesting to me because American Cosmo ran those photos originally, which means different Cosmos get to noodle with shots from other editions, which probably annoys people. Magazine logistics!

At the Independent: Alchemy, flushing toilets and blood-letting: The secrets of medieval Oxford revealed.

At Pajiba, I’m just going to leave this headline right here: What If Fred Durst Was An Action Star, And John Travolta Stalked Him?