Are you ready for Fug Madness to ROCK YOUR WORLD? Make sure you print out your brackets and get your pools organized! Until tip off, enjoy:

– We’re doing Fug Madness, Grantland is using bracketology to determine college basketball’s most hated player ever. (Grantland)

– Another historical grave discovered in — well, UNDER — a parking lot, this time in Scotland. (Time)

– For some reason, I am obsessed with seeing what is inside other people’s fridges. I appreciate Refinery29 for filling this void in my reading this week. (Refiner29)

– A hard-hitting (tee hee) at some of notable baseball players who decided to go cupless and paid for it. With their testicles. (Daily Intelligencer)

– Oh, BIEBER. Don’t throw shade on Lilo’s financial mess. Even if you do delete it later. (Lainey)

– I’m sure you’ve seen High School of Thrones, but if you haven’t, and you love GoT, get over to The Hairpin. (The Hairpin)

– Our brave friends at Vulture put together a complete list of everything Carrie ever “couldn’t help but wonder” on Sex and the City. (Vulture)

– And The Cut on hate-watching street style. (The Cut)

– I am just going to leave you with the headline here. Ahem: Benedict Cumberbatch sings a creepy, sexy song to his Cumberbitches. (Celebitchy)

– Emma Stone is all adorable with Who What Wear. (Who What Wear)

–And Nicki Minaj is secretly really pretty funny when she interviews herself for Elle. (Video! Elle Magazine)

– 25 years ago, the LA Times published a magazine predicting where we would be in 2013.  You need to look at it. Where is my robo-pet?! (LA Times)