Fug Nation! We have some exciting news. We are doing some events in support of The Royal We!

We will be in New York City at Book Culture on Tuesday, April 7th, at 7pm. For more information, and to RSVP (not required, but helpful for the book store and us!) please go here.

We will be in Washington, DC at Kramerbooks on Thursday, April 9th, at 6:30pm. For more information, and to RSVP (again, not required, but helpful for the book store and us!) please go here.

We will doing readings/Q&A/signings at both and WE CANNOT WAIT TO MEET YOU.  As always, this information also lives on our Events Page, and you can ALWAYS ask us on Twitter/Facebook/email/here. There are a few more events TBD about which we’ll have more info in the next few weeks. (Apologies if you already just read all of this in Royal’s Round-Up, but we wanted to cover our bases and not everyone reads both posts.)

AND NOW to the links:

– I think you’ll enjoy Approved Catcalls, from The Hairpin. I long for someone to yell, “IF YOU SUSTAINED AN INJURY, I’D CALL TIM RIGGINS AND HE’D CARRY YOU TO THE HOSPITAL” at me in the street.

– This is a fascinating look at the history of the Cinderella story. (Monkey See)

Do you ever wonder what happened to Justin Bobby from The Hills? Cosmo has the answer! (He is alive.)

– Michael Bolton IS….Michael Bolton, in this Office Space parody. (EW)


– This is a great and fascinating piece about The Dress in the revival of The King and I. Is there any more romantic moment than “Shall We Dance?”? I can only imagine how dreamy Ken Watanabe is going to be in this. (NY Daily News)

– Oh God. These pictures of Chris Evans and Pratt at the children’s hospital, with Evans in costume as Captain America…are awesome and touching. (People)

– And I think you’ll like this article about these amazing 3-D printed prosthetic hands, for kids. Sometimes living in 2015 feels really hard and challenging, but other times living in the future is wonderful. (New York Times)

– Speaking of, Robert Downey Jr gave a kid one of those hands — an Iron Man one, of course — and the video is lovely.  (Hypable)

The New Republic examines what they call the disappearance of the curly-haired TV heroine.

– I know you saw Zoolander and Hansel (he’s so hot right now) walk in Valentino this week. But you also need to watch them chat up A Dubs. (Vogue)

– This is a very honest interview from Kevin Bacon. (Lainey)

Vulture made Dynasty-style opening credits for Empire, and they are SO GOOD.

– A kid wrote to every single NBA team, asking them why he should root for them. One wrote back, and whoever went to the trouble deserves a raise. (GQ)

– This is a SUPER juicy piece just full of shade and bad behavior, about co-stars who hated each other on set. (Pajiba)

Alexa Chung and Alexander Skarsgard are dating?! Where have I been? (Celebitchy)