FRIENDS! Alert: The Oscars are SUNDAY SUNDAY SUNDAAAAAY. Make sure you come by on Monday for all the red carpet coverage — and we’re hosting an open thread during the red carpet and ceremony over at Drinks With Broads. Speaking of the newsletter, all subscribers this week got our take on the Independent Spirit Awards (boring yet also at times obnoxious), Heather’s review of Next in Fashion, and my explainer of WTF is happening on Vanderpump Rules. Paid subscribers got an exhaustive look at Avril Lavigne’s Romantic Past (it IS so complicated), Heather’s in-depth look on how Outer Banks compares to the IRL Outer Banks, and my deep dive into the insane Oscar gift bags. They included an orb!


There have been developments since Monday’s newsletter: Every Detail of the Vanderpump Rules #Scandoval Drama in Chronological Order. [Vulture]

This is sincerely wild. At the NYT: Whiskey Fungus Fed by Jack Daniel’s Encrusts a Tennessee Town. I do not want my town to be encrusted. (gifted link, so not behind the paywall)

IMPORTANT NEWS: The Nancy Meyers Kitchen is back (guest starring Michael Fassbender). [Lainey]

The Hollywood Reporter is doing their Honest Oscar Ballots again — a feature I LOVE — and this one feel particularly honest. 

Related, at Rolling Stone: The Creepiest Oscars Ever Happened 20 Years Ago. Arguable, but this is a strong case.

The Atlantic explores The Puzzling Gap Between How Old You Are And How Old You Think You feel 35 in my head, even though I am actually 47.

Fascinating! At the NYT: For Rare Book Librarians, It’s Gloves Off. Seriously.

TRUTH: Late-Stage Hair Metal Was a Hell of a Thing [Pajiba]

Really interesting: The Sideshow Magician Who Inspired Ray Bradbury—Then Vanished. [Smithsonian]

I’m on my second cold this year (neither were Covid! Just colds! I always get sick this time of year and forgot that because…you know. I stayed home and wore masks for the previous three years. I hate it!), so this is useful:  11 streaming shows that are unexpectedly great for when you’re sick. [WaPo, gift link]

Amen: Bring Back the Giant, Loaded Baked Potato. [Eater]

This is an intriguing possibility: A Taika Star War? [Lainey]

I found this useful, particularly the comments: What Easy Dinners Do You Make When Friends Come Over? [Cup of Jo]

Please don’t ask me why I’m looking at swimsuits when LA is having the coldest winter on record, I don’t have a pool, and I’m not going anywhere sunny soon BUT the new J.Crew ones are so cute. I also appreciate that they have long-torso one-pieces. [affiliate link]

Speaking of J.Crew: Inside the Early Days of J.Crew: Before Jenna Lyons or Olympia Gayot, There Was Emily Cinader. [Vanity Fair]

I agree that this is doubtful: Will Anna Wintour ban the Kardashian-Jenners from this year’s Met Gala? [Celebitchy]

Hugh Jackman’s diet to bulk up to play Wolverine again seems really intense. It cannot be good for a person to do this to themselves multiple times, although I’m sure he’s under the best supervision. [Socialite Life]