Hope everyone had a good Solstice this week. While you’re waiting for the weekend to start:

- Vroman’s in Pasadena is a wonderful independent bookstore (with an especially brilliant children’s section, if that is a need you have), and we hope you will help support it by coming to see us there: WE ARE APPEARING AT VROMAN’S at NOON on SUNDAYPlease come! If you are in or near L.A. and you want to say hi — take pics, ask questions about the blog (or J Lo, or Dallas or whatever), pull our hair, talk about Diet Coke, get your books signed, etc. — this is your LAST CHANCE for the foreseeable future. So come out and say hello! Your faces will be so much prettier than a bunch of empty chairs.

– Also, thanks to Melissa Walker and Barnes and Noble for featuring MESSY in a Cover Story! (B&N)

– And thanks to Teen Vogue for doing a Q&A about MESSY on the Web site. (Teen Vogue)

– Want to procrastinate ALL DAY LONG? The BBC has a live feed of the Olympic Torch Relay, complete with RelayCam. It is awesome. I spent much of yesterday admiring the Lake District, as that’s what they were running through. (BBC)

– Speaking of, here’s a sneak peek at the Opening Ceremonies. Apparently, sheep will be involved. No, seriously. (Atlantic Cities)

– Speaking of Brits with a tendency for drama, George Michael claims he is getting WHAM! back together. Somewhere in the countryside, Andrew Ridgeley senses a disturbance in the Force. (Monsters and Critics)

– You’re going to enjoy reading this piece about the knuckleball, even if you aren’t into baseball, because it’s interesting. (Time)

– This week was the ten-year anniversary of the Britney Spears/Justin Timberlake Dance-Off. I miss those days. Also, I feel old. Also, I am really sad this site wasn’t in operation then because the Letter of Truth would have been fun to write. (Lainey)

– Mother Jones has made a series of faux campaign ads for characters in Games of Thrones, and they are awesome, especially the one for Daenerys Targaryen. WRONG FOR DRAGONS, WRONG FOR THE REALM. (You Tube)

– Cle de Peau is offering a new face cream. IT’S $13,000!!!! (Elle)

The New York Times made a Summer Drinks Randomizer. Use it too often and you might accidentally buy a $13,o00 pot of face cream. (NYT)

– Shall we track down some of TV’s Most Memorable Nerds? (Flavorwire)

– It will not shock you to hear that Lindsay Lohan’s stint on the Lifetime Liz Taylor movie is REALLY NOT GOING WELL. I…will be surprised if it even airs. And I will WATCH IT if it does. (Celebitchy)