Well, she’s still doing the black and white thing, but I have to hand it to Michelle Williams for managing to match her lipstick pretty well with her pedicure.

And honestly, I was going to  put this to a vote — I wasn’t sure about the strings — but in the end I quite like the edgy corseted look on her, so THUMBS UP. She’s gone so quasi-angelic at times, or at least prim, that it’s fun to see her loosen up (in this case with a saucy literalness). Jen Lindley would be proud. Do you think Kevin Williamson would’ve imagined, all those years ago, that we’d still be USING the character names he made up for the show he did for a network whose mascot was a cartoon frog in a top hat? Pacey, Joey Potter, Jen Lindley, Dawson… to the occasional ire of a Fug National who wishes we’d shut the hell up about Dawson’s Creek, those (nick)names are still in circulation. I guess that’s not super RARE — Hagman will always be JR, Shannen will always be Brenda, Luke Perry will always be Dylan — but it’s still kind of amazing considering, again, CARTOON FROG IN TOP HAT.

And you know what’s even better?

Two words: TEETH. She’s smiling bigger lately than she has in a long time. Do we think that means Jason Segel is made of magic sauce? I like to think so, but WHATEVER it is, I hope it keeps up. The lady deserves a big plate of happy in her personal life.

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