Happy Friday, everyone! Hope your weekend is shaping up to be pleasant.

This is WILD: “A man knocked down a wall in his basement. He found an abandoned underground city that was once home to 20,000 people.” I can’t believe I’d never heard of this! [Insider]

Speaking of wild: The Upper West Side Cult That Hid in Plain Sight. [The New Yorker]

Fascinating: How the Queen of True Crime Transformed Murder Stories Forever. The Stranger Beside Me is a great read. (I read a LOT of Ann Rule during the pandemic.) [Slate]

This is also wild, although at least not a sex cult, I guess? At GQ: If You Post a Delicious Bagel Sandwich on the Internet, Do You Have to Say Where You Got It? The internet is giving me a headache.

A lot of actors talked about the possibly upcoming SAG strike at the Asteroid City premiere and it was quite interesting. [Lainey]

Girls of a Certain Age wonders…What’s something you have too many of?

These new LV ads are good. [Lainey]

Do I need this skirt?? [Anthro, affiliate link]

True, at the NYT: To Truly Understand the Past, Pick Up an Old Magazine. [gifted link]

Variety reports: Inside the Tony Awards: From Air Conditioning Mishaps to Free Shake Shack, Here’s What You Didn’t See on TV.

Don’t ask me why I’m so obsessed with this breakup, just know that I am: Christine Baumgartner charged a forensic accountant to Kevin Costner’s credit card. Good for her!!! [Celebitchy]

Vanity Fair goes deep here:  Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s War of the Rosé

Good lord, this is my nightmare: Woman who was declared dead in Ecuador revives during wake, knocks on her coffin. [ABC News]

Perhaps necessary: A Piña Colada for Every Mood [Punch]

At Drinks With Broads, Heather took her life in her hands and watched all of Aidan’s episodes of Sex and the City to determine once and for all if he was actually so bad. Also, Taco Bell wants to sell you shoes, and the Golden Globes are a mess in a whole new way now! And, of course, we covered the best and worsts of the Tonys!

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