Good news! The paperback of The Heir Affair comes out this upcoming Tuesday! (And, of course, if you haven’t read The Royal We yet, you can get it anywhere now.) We are super excited to be chatting with the amazing Casey McQuiston about it on Thursday, July 15th live on the Ripped Bodice Facebook page — you can RSVP for that here! (They have autographed copies of the paperback, too! [It doesn’t say they’re signed on the page there, but they have signed bookplates at the store.]) We’re also giving away a signed prize pack right here!

More good news: We rounded up a bunch of sun hats!

Timely! A Brief History of Oscar Buzz at Cannes [Vanity Fair]

YAY for Zaila Avant-garde, who just won the spelling bee! She’s the first African American winner, and she also holds several world records for her adept basketball dribbling.  [WaPo]

This was interesting. I enjoy Disneyland but can’t really relate to these folks: Disney Adults Are Having A Magical Time Whether You Like It Or Not. But live it up, y’all! [Buzznet]

Time for our Bennifer update! [Lainey]

And our Brangelina one! (This is seriously this LONGEST CELEBRITY DIVORCE IN HISTORY.) [Lainey]

This is such a fascinating (and logistics-y!) chat with Korina Emmerich, who designed the clothing that Interior Secretary Deb Haaland wore in InStyle recently. [KLCC]

Really interesting: How Long Can the Newsletter Boom Last Before the Bubble Bursts? [Pajiba]

This headline is amazing:  Greenpoint Playground Parents Rumble Over McGolrick Park’s Kiddie ‘Fight Club.’ People are coming out of this pandemic very weird. [Curbed]

A good read, at T&C: The Unexpected Adulthood of Gossip Girl Creator Cecily von Ziegesar 

This is not a headline I expected to read this week: Eric McCormack was addicted to using nasal spray for years. Also, I used to worry that I would get addicted to nasal spray, every time I used a nasal spray. Because I am neurotic. (Now I sort of want to listen to this podcast.) [Celebitchy]

And I LOVE this headline: No One Imagined Giant Lizard Nests Would Be This Weird. I MEAN MAYBE I DID? [The Atlantic]

Do we really need this???!!  Could There Be A Sweet Home Alabama 2? [T&C]

On the topic of turn-of-the-century Reese movies, the NYT brings us an oral history of Legally Blonde on its twentieth anniversary. What, like it’s hard? (I enjoy hearing from screenwriter Kirsten Smith, who Heather and I were on a panel with in Austin about a million years ago, and who was SO nice and fun.)

Very interesting: Great Jones Cookware And The Illusion Of The Millennial Aesthetic [The New Yorker]

Unsurprisingly, Ronan Farrow’s Grub Street Diet is really well written.

This piece is funny: We Are All Just Out Here Trying to Cope With These LGBTQ Ikea Couches [Autostraddle]