Why is it that short weeks FEEL SO LONG? While you’re waiting for this one to end:

– Ron Swanson is my favorite TV character MAYBE EVER (at least right now) and this compilation of him talking about food (okay: meat) is awesome. As he says, you had me at “meat tornado.” (Flavorwire)

– Heather is still blogging for Redbook! Lately, she wrote about taking the twins on planes (TWINS ON A PLANE!) and well as potty-training (TWINS ON A POTTY!) Also, about picky-eaters, featuring a very cute snap of one of the dudes. (Redbook)

– I literally cried laughing reading What My Favorite 80s Band Says About Me. Er, meaning, what liking them says about my inner self, not what they’re saying behind my back. YOU BETTER NOT BE TALKING TRASH, BANANARAMA! (McSweeney’s)

– 132 years later, Scotland Yard got their man. Or, woman. (A very GORY) COLD CASE CLOSED. (Yahoo News)

– You DO want to take The Jon Hamm Emotions Challenge. (Uproxx)

– It turns out that a real spider inspired (my favorite children’s book) Charlotte’s Web. (The Guardian)

– I fear that the fact that Nicole Richie is going to be one of the judges on J Simp’s Project Runway rip-off means I might have to watch J Simp’s Project Runway rip-off. In case something happens. Also…for their competing looks at panel. (Lainey)

– This montage of Nancy Grace’s craziest Casey Anthony-related moments really drives home the truth that Nancy Grace is a bit of a nutter and I probably need to start watching her. (Jezebel)

– Gwynnie would rather “smoke crack than eat cheese from a can.” Oh, Gwynnie! Crack is whack. Cheese Whiz is….the Biz? I don’t know. (Celebitchy)

– Many thanks to the Yakima Herald for calling SPOILED “a gimlet-eyed sendup of our reality TV culture, and a knowing jab at Hollywood mores…. it’s just insanely fun to read.”  We love you, Yakima! Also, I just like to say the words, YAKIMA. (Yakima Herald)