What a week. Dial it back, 2016.

– Emma Thompson wrote a lovely tribute to her friend Alan Rickman. (Vanity Fair)

– And EW compiled a Life In Pictures.

– Speaking of wonderful Brits we lost this week, seemingly out of nowhere, this piece in The Telegraph about, and I quote, “how David Bowie turned his own death into a piece of art after keeping terminal cancer a secret,” is astonishing.

– And Jemaine Clement wrote an essay about Bowie, and specifically, about his love for Bowie, and impersonating Bowie for Flight of the Conchords.

– And T did a great piece about his style.

– At Lainey, here’s your Weekly Michael B Jordan. His dimples will make you feel better!

– Oh, man. These Hamilton storyboards are amazing. People are so creative. Doesn’t it make you feel better about the world to know that? It does me. (Third Child Art)

– On the Hamilton tip, Vulture has been doing GREAT stuff this week in honor of A dot Ham’s birthday, including this round-table discussion with the cast.

– The New Potato asks, What TV Character Do You Channel?

– The Toast is TOTALLY CORRECT that Heidi is primarily a book about cheese.

– At Celebitchy, in case you didn’t know this, DanRad is REALLY REALLY fit right now. HOLY GOD.

– At Racked, this is a really interesting read about Etsy psychics.

– Apparently, they’re rebooting Anne of Green Gables, and Sarah Mesle at Avidly has CONCERNS.

This dude got Sir Mix-a-Lot’s old mobile number. Hilarity ensued. (Seattle Times)

– Over at Pajiba, in case you want to feel old: 16 Movies That Are Old Enough to Drive This Year.

People StyleWatch rounded up all the best lipsticks of the Globes! Thank you!

– And Kirsten Dunst’s glam squad went through her entire routine for Into The Gloss.

– Fashionista brings us “costume secrets” from a variety of returning TV shows, including Fug Faves like Downton Abbey and Agent Carter.

– And, finally, if you haven’t seen Adele do Carpool Karaoke with James Corden yet, you should. I literally both laughed and cried: