Big news! In case you missed it, WILLS CUT HIS HAIR. We have full coverage, of course, here.

Additionally, as I think there’s a big overlap between people who read this feature and those of you who enjoy Downton Abbey, if you missed our most recent recap in the flurry of the Golden Globes, it is here.

And in today’s round-up, we’ve got a nice dose of Maxima, but it’s been a light week as everyone slowly crawls back to work (including me). I CAN, however, promise you some excellent Wikipedia-sourced gossip.


Tatler rounds up the best royal hair, British edition.

– The Court Jeweller is looking back at historic Norwegian royal weddings, and it’s REALLY interesting. This one offers malaria, royal yachts, confusing telegrams, and loads and loads of jewels.

– At the Observer: Gagosian, Qatari Royals Locked in Dispute Over Picasso Sculpture. Tell me more!

Hello! rounds up all the places that the British royals are going this year. Lots of places, is the short answer, and I look forward to a return to our middle-of-the-night postings.

– On that topic, I love reading about the gifts that the royals collect on these trips. Via People, we learn that 2015 brought them toys, honey butter, and, obviously, a marzipan model of the Brandenburg Gate.

– Our friend at The Duchess Diary reports on rumors that Pippa Middleton has a new boyfriend.

– Over at the Royal Hats blog is a good look at the many hats of the Japanese Imperial Family at their traditional New Year’s Lectures.

– The Norwegians have a new official portrait:

– And, finally:

This is in aid of her work with children’s mental health charities, and additionally I feel like, somewhere, Kate is noting, “you guys couldn’t have picked a better picture of me?!?!?! Someone is fired.” (You’re welcome to passive-aggressively link to this post at any time, Kate.)