Happy first official weekend of fall! (We’re talking about fave fall recipes here, FYI.)

The midterm elections are in fewer than 50 days, so now is the time to register to vote, if you haven’t, or to check and make sure your registration is up to date!

At Marie Claire: How to Help Victims of Pakistan’s Record-Breaking Flooding 

I am very happy to read this: Corn Kid Is Doing Just Fine [NYT]

Also VERY thrilling to see our wonderful friend Jasmine Guillory (who does NOT need a bracelet) in the NYT: A Lawyer Finds Her Happily-Ever-After as a Romance Writer. 

Lainey asks, and it’s a VERY good question: Is Brad Pitt doing the work? I additionally ask — do we REALLY need another celeb beauty line, my GOD?!

This is very interesting: Lebanese bank holdups continue as savers try to claim their cash. In short: “It is a crime spree without precedent in Lebanon. Assailants have stormed banks across the cash-strapped country to demand access to their own money, with crowds often gathering outside to cheer them on. At least five Lebanese banks were targeted on Friday in addition to two on Wednesday and another last month, the robbers becoming instant heroes in a country where citizens have been cut off from their funds for nearly three years during one of its worst financial crises on record.”   [The Guardian]

Important: A Brief History of Hollywood’s Messiest Press Tours. [Vanity Fair]

Related, at The Ringer: ‘Don’t Worry Darling’ Isn’t the First Movie to Be Swallowed by Itself

Also related: The Deeper Meaning Behind Don’t Worry Darling’s Costumes [Elle]

I was mostly offline this past week and it was very interesting to see what celeb gossip managed to trickle into my eyeballs even when I was away. It was ALL this Adam Levine thing. What a dingus. [Lainey]

Probably need to bookmark this: Here’s when all 40 new Hallmark Christmas movies will premiere — plus your first look at 20 of them. [EW]

I will note that I have some bowls from Eva Mendes’s Macy’s houseware line and I really like them: Did You Know That Eva Mendes Has a Sponge Line? [Pajiba]

There is CHESS DRAMA right now, and it involves, I’m not joking, allegations about cheating via strategically vibrating anal beads. You have to skim some math to get to that part, but wow. [SB Nation]

Fascinating: “Not Even the Rich Can Buy Fancy Watches: If you’re in the market for a $25,000 Rolex, you better know a guy. And you better have $50,000.” [The Cut]

At Celebitchy:  Margot Robbie on the leaked Barbie photos: we were mortified.

I do NOT think this is warranted from Bravo!!!: Lisa Rinna Seeking $2 Million For ‘RHOBH’ Season 13, Demands To Be The Highest Paid Housewife.  I’d pay MANY current Housewives more than Rinna, tbh. [Socialite Life]

If you like auctions, STUFF, and Betty White, then you can browse the catalog for her estate sale. Scarves! Books! Records! Gloves! Dolls! Puzzles and jewelry and scripts and souvenirs! A tracksuit worn in a video called “I’m Still Hot”! The auction is happening online and in person until Sunday; even if you do not want to blow your paycheck on memorabilia, the website is great fun if you’re nosy like I am about what people own. [Julien’s Auctions]

Big news: Target Announces Second Edition of The Fall Designer Collection, Featuring Kika Vargas, La Ligne and Sergio Hudson. I’m honestly excited about all of these but you know I will not be able to resist the stripes. [Tom and Lorenzo]

Speaking of stripes, do I need a striped cashmere rugby?? I WANT one but do I NEED one? [affiliate link to J.Crew]

This was a fun chat at Girls of a Certain Age: What’s your most recent and favorite cheap and chic purchase?

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