I feel like, the more I write posts about how fall is right around the corner, and autumn is almost here, and we’re almost out of summer time, the sooner it will actually cool down here in Los Angeles and let me start wearing my boots again! Alas, I am fairly sure that I cannot actually change the speed of time. But that doesn’t mean that we can’t talk about what we’re getting excited to cook and eat in the upcoming cooler months — and today IS the first day of autumn. I, for example, make this VERY easy and delicious bolognese in the Instant Pot that’s out of the Melissa Clark Dinner in an Instant book. (That’s an affiliate link to Amazon.) I also, obviously, cannot wait to make Roberto again, and I don’t even like soup that much. And once I can turn my oven on comfortably, I’m ready to return to this lemon tumeric cake. It is VERY EASY and I am not a great baker. What are you going to make?