This has been an incredibly difficult and heavy week for everyone. I hope you are holding up okay, and if you need an escape from the horrors of the world, hopefully something here will help provide a distraction.

As we discussed a bit earlier this week, the SAG-AFTRA strike negotiations are not going well — in fact, not currently going at all, per both sides. I hope this roadblock will prove to be short-lived. [Lainey]

Taffy Akner went to the Eras Tour in Santa Clara, and even if you hate Taylor Swift or are blithely disinterested in her, the story is still so good and funny and sharp, with a wonderfully poignant ending — the kind of gold only Taffy can spin from, essentially, going to a big concert one night.  [NYT, gifted link]

That was quick! Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas have apparently worked out their divorce/custody situation. I tell you, (speaking of T. Swift) as soon as Taylor entered the picture….[Lainey]

Jason Isaacs is playing Cary Grant in an upcoming limited series for BritBox and WOW they NAILED the visuals. [Tom and Lorenzo]

At WaPo: “They said it was a masterpiece when they thought a man had painted it.” Really interesting. [gifted link]

Something seasonal to debate, at Vulture: The 21 Best Witch Movies of All Time

Related, at Vanity Fair: How Practical Magic Pissed Off a Real-Life Witch.

Gathered, um, gathered over 200 Halloween crafts, if you’re feeling spooky!

Time rounded up the 100 best thriller/mystery books, and it’s a very strong list. I’ve read 28.

This was a good thread at the Travel Hacks subreddit: What is the one thing you wish you brought or did for your last trip?

Speaking of chats, here at GFY we talked about our favorite classes, our superstitions, the best tights, and our best slow-cooker/instant pot recipes.

Do you need to look at a cute anteater? [Smithsonian]

I also took a look at your ten-most purchased items from our posts in September.

I am really coveting this sweater at Banana Republic. I have one from them from last season that I LOVE. [affiliate link]

Billy Ray Cyrus got married this week and I love her bouquet. [Celebitchy]

God bless Dolly. At Pajiba: Dolly Parton Says The Only Time We’ll See Her Makeup-Free Is When She’s Dead

Finally, we really got into it at Drinks With Broads this week! On Tuesday, everyone got Heather’s take on whether Moonlighting holds up, as well as the many random novelty bets you can make on Taylor Swift/Travis Kelce (for real money). Yesterday, I read Julia Fox’s memoir so you don’t have to, plus we explore Will and Jada’s maybe open marriage (they talk about their marriage A LOT but never really say anything) and Bradley Cooper’s surprisingly colorful dating history. Thank you to everyone who is subscribing and reading, we appreciate you so much!

(Photo by Chris Walter/WireImage)