And with that, we draw to a close for 2011 — sort of. Although Heather and I won’t be posting on a regular schedule until the New Year (all the celebs are staying inside their luxe winter cabins, or flarging around St Barths, after all), check back during the holidays if you get a spare moment, because we have some occasional fun posts cocked and ready for you, and we think you’ll enjoy them. We will be back to regularly scheduled programming on Tuesday, January 3, 2012 — just in time for the awards season, so make sure you rest up over the break.  Finally, we hope you have a glorious holiday and that 2012 brings you all you desire.  See you on the flip side! Until then:

– Feeling glum? Call the Emergency Hall and Oates Line. YES, SERIOUSLY. (ABC News)

– It’s like these people have never heard of a Russian fertilizer king who spent a year in prison on a murder charge before being released for lack of evidence buying a $88 million dollar apartment for his daughter to live in while she’s going to college, in the largest real estate deal in Manhattan. (NY Observer)


– This article, about AN ART DETECTIVE at Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts, is fascinating. I love my job, but how AWESOME it would be to be AN ART DETECTIVE. (Boston Globe)

– While we’re being all intellectual, read this fascinating piece about the history of Handel’s Messiah. (Smithsonian)

– Flavorwire names the 10 Best (Grown-Up) Book Covers of the year. (Flavorwire)

Rumor has it that JT and Biel got engaged, but no confirmation YET. Would they REALLY release that news on Friday — the Friday before Christmas, also known as The Day That All The Famous People Who Have to Announce Something Big But Don’t Want People To Make a Fuss Do It? I feel like…no. No, they would not. That being said, SOMEONE is going to announce their divorce on Friday, so get ready. (Lainey)

– Have you seen the trailer for The Hobbit yet? (Celebitchy)

– Behold, the history of egg nog. Hmmm, egg nog. (Time)

– And, finally, a GFY tradition (that I forgot; I blame the nog!) after the jump….

I hope this holiday season brings you the feathered hair of your dreams:

Happy Holidays, Happy New Year and Good Wham! to us, every one.