Maybe one of these will provide fluffy distraction today:

– Don’t you hate it when you accidentally demolish a house you were supposed to renovate? All joking aside, the thought of that chateau being destroyed makes me kind of sick. (Time)

Gawker ranks the fruits and blueberry is number one?! YOU ARE INSANE, GAWKER. There is NO WAY a BLUEBERRY is a better than the noble nectarine. (Gawker)

– You know how they told us that the Brontosaurus never existed? I had no idea it was made up in the course of an PALAEONTOLOGIST FEUD. A feud so bitter it has A NAME. (The Slideshow)

– I love this stuff: a mashup of 50 of 2012’s best pop songs.  I can’t imagine how long it took to make this. (YouTube — video, obviously)

– These photos of gay and lesbian couples getting married on the first day it was legal in Washington State made me cry. (Buzzfeed)

– This article about New York’s best — and oldest — neon signs, and neon signs in general – is totally fascinating. (Collector’s Weekly)

– I never get tired of reading about how legitimately awesome Hugh Jackman is. (Lainey)

The University of Chicago got a mystery package! ABOUT INDIANA JONES. It is AWESOME. Who made this?! (U of Chicago Admissions)

– Rumor has it that Chastain is dating her hot hot hot Zero Dark Thirty co-star. Good on you, lady. (Celebitchy)

This article about Barneys is flat-out fascinating. (New York Times Magazine)

– Can we offer you some gifts for cultural icons? I HAVE been wondering what to buy Anna Wintour….(Flavorwire)