– I know you. I know you want to see a shirtless and buff Dan Stevens. COUSIN MATTHEWWWWW. (Lainey)

– This is a super interesting article about the benefits and drawbacks of complaining. (The Science of Us)

– I’m going to complain right now. The Lifetime Saved By The Bell movie looks TERRIBLE. (Vulture)

The Dress Down looks at the hows and whys of the way Keri Russell is so awesome and well-dressed now. 

– The Telegraph has this insanely interesting piece, looking at the military kit British soldiers carried into battle over the last thousand years. Men were given cheese to carry into the Battle of Waterloo, which seems like the least any army could do for its men.

– Speaking of war, this is ALSO very interesting: Bra History: How A War Shortage Reshaped Modern Shapewear. (NPR)

–Relevant to our interests, the BBC looks at the world’s most influential pointing finger. (I had no idea, even, that UK military recruiting posters used the iconic “I want you” pointer finger, as we also do here in the US. LEARNING.)

– The Hairpin looks at The Tragic History of Fallen Teen Magazines. Bop just folded THIS WEEK. RIP, Bop. I’m sure I bought you for pictures of River Phoenix.

– Oh, Cosmo. You had me with this headline: 12 Ways to Make Bagels Even Better. OKAY!

– You know what? Weird Al should be the Superbowl Halftime performer. (Ravishly)

– MAC is releasing THE MOST AMAZING line of make-up based on romance novels. I hope my beloved Smart Bitches, Trashy Books weighs in! (Refinery29)

– I have long opined that it is the great tragedy of my life that I am not married to Stephen Colbert, and his Ask A Grown Man for Rookie only proves it. He is the most wonderful.

– I LOVE paper dolls, and I was sad to read that Tom Tierney — THE KING of good paper dolls — died last week. His obituary is fascinating and wonderful. I had SO many of his works: the Princess Diana ones (which actually came up in Royals Round-Up today), the Vivian Leigh ones, and probably a bunch I can’t even remember. (New York Times)

– This is a delight: I Tried Living Like Blake Lively, and It Was Nerve-Racking, yet Triumphant. “To start my day, I tore the T-shirt, which unarguably resembled a dirty kitchen rag, out of its packaging. “This single piece of cotton is meant to be lived in, loved in, tattered, worn in, sworn in, destroyed, sweat in, slept in. let it become you,” I was instructed, via a small note card. I let the shirt become me, and felt immediately like an extra in a Mumford & Sons music video.” (Vanity Fair)

I dunno that I think Nine West’s new ad campaign — in which they call one pair of their shoes ripe for “starter husband-hunting” (what if you already HAVE a husband or don’t want one?) — is going to work out all that great for them. (New York Times)

Posh Spice is auctioning off 600 (!) items from her closet, for charity. (Elle)

– Also at Elle, Sally Holmes tried gym-going the way Taylor Swift does it. It’s not as easy as it looks.

– Breckin Meyer HATES Dustin Diamond  — on Zach Morris’s behalf, I’m pretty sure — and he is NOT pulling punches. (Pajiba)

Lucky gives love to Marissa Cooper’s style. Aw, Coop. We knew you well.

– Here’s your Hiddleston for the week! (Celebitchy)