Happy weekend once again, friends! I hope you have a fun and healthy one! FYI, this IS the last weekend you can get in on the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. If you missed the post we did rounding up some of its more practical options, catch up here! We also — in other news! — have done a lot of Olympics coverage this week, including our Traditional Swimming Post. Finally, we all shared what we are reading!

This is SUCH an interesting piece about Mexican movie star María Félix, who is about to be the subject of a new biopic, and who I wasn’t familiar with, but I already want to see this movie. [Lainey]

Fascinating, and chilling: As Hikers Vanish, These Mountains Hold Tight to Their Mysteries [NYT]

This piece is SO interesting. A taste: “In 2001, Richard Ankrom installed a fake freeway sign in downtown L.A. in order to fix a real problem for commuters. The sign is now long gone, but 20 years later, the stunt remains etched into the soul of the city.” I drove past this sign a LOT at the time and never knew it was fake! [The LAnd]

Great: I’ve Covered Nine Olympics. Nothing Prepared Me for Seeing My Daughter Win a Medal [Sports Illustrated]

This has me VERY excited for the Met Gala. [Lainey]

This was SUCH a funny and good idea for a piece: A Real Jungle Cruise Operator Reviews Jungle Cruise [Vulture]

So good: Thank You for Talking About Your Botox. (I’m HAPPY to tell everyone about my own Botox, which I got for the first time as soon as Los Angeles opened up again, and which I love.) [The Cut]

Fascinating: Inside the Desperate, Dedicated World of Discontinued Snack Obsessives [Jezebel]

I feel like every time RWA is in the news, it’s bad: The Romance Writers of America Falls Under Fire for Awarding Book with Genocidal Hero [Pajiba]

This is really fun: ‘Sure, Jan’: How ‘A Very Brady Sequel’ Became a Trippy, Quippy Cult Classic [Vice]

Good for her: Jennifer Aniston doubled-down on vaccines after getting pushback from antivaxxers. (Please get vaccinated if you haven’t gotten around to it yet, and you’re able to do so!) [Celebitchy]