– Are you in Los Angeles? Do you like pretty things? How do you feel about drinks, and Karl Lagerfeld? Come hang out with us at the Macy’s in the Beverly Center on August 30th and buy his new diffusion line — early!  We can’t wait to meet you guys. (And if you have a copy of SPOILED that you’d like us to sign while we’re there shopping, bring it!)

– This obituary — of a woman who was a British spy during WWII — is going to make you wonder if you’re doing enough with your life.  Because she was straight-up awesome. (Washington Post)

–  I passionately love this essay about dollhouses. J Courtney Sullivan, I FEEL YOU. I totally want a dollhouse again. And I recognize that might be kind of weird? But I am 36. I’ve embraced the fact that sometimes I am kind of weird. (NY Times)

– Taylor Momsen QUITS ACTING FOREVER, designs her own line of boob tape. One of those statements is true. (Elle)

– The best part of this Ron Swanson-theme TV dinner is his “endorsement” on the front. (Vulture)

– This piece on RHoBH’s Russell Armstrong’s sad suicide this week, and what it may mean for Bravo, is very interesting. (Daily Beast)

– Whereas this essay about going to The Gathering of the Juggalos is a) really interesting AND b) confirms that I DO NOT WANT to go to the Gathering of the Juggalos.  (Deadspin)

– This is a really good article about Michael Vick, even if you’re not a football fan. (GQ) [Editor’s note: I want to quote here what I put in the comments, because some people are — unfairly — extrapolating that us linking to this article means that we support dogfighting and/or are cheerleading for Michael Vick. I’m not sure how anyone came to that conclusion, considering the article itself, which is a well-written attempt to present every side of Vick the author witnessed, calls into question the sincerity of Vick’s new image. Let me quote myself: “We weren’t saying we support Michael Vick. We were saying it’s a good article. And it IS a good article… The information in that article is fascinating, because it reopens the question of whether Michael Vick is being sincere, or whether Michael Vick is playing the role he thinks he has to play. And I think that is a really valuable question to ask.” — H]

–These photos of New York going from day time to night time in one frame are seriously cool. (Flavorwire)

Does the cover of Rolling Stone mean anything any more? Dudes, they put J. Simp on the cover. (Grantland)

Francis Bean Cobain turned out awfully pretty. Somehow she looks like her dad, AND her mom, AND Madonna? (Celebitchy)

– I love DanRad. (Lainey Gossip)

– Big thanks to Figment for this interview about Spoiled! (Figment)