This time on Monday, we’re going to be so bereft, because the Olympics will be over. Where will we get our fill of athletic abs and heart-warming victory over adversity, I ask you. Comfort youself with the following:

– Are Brad and Angie going to steal focus from the Olympics by getting married this weekend? Is it weird that I forgot they even got officially engaged? (Lainey)

– When the gift of a book turns into the gift of a book that’s worth, like, a LOT of money. (The Hairpin)

Examining The Curse of Fergie. The Duchess. Not the Pea. (Daily Beast)

Here’s a Google Maps tour of famous authors’ homes. Groovy. (Flavorwire)

– Look at all these cool space-focused covers of Time. (Time)

– Wait. HAVE Jen and Justin Theroux broken up? Because I CAN NOT go through another Poor Jen Aniston cycle. Won’t someone think OF ME? (Celebitchy)

– You DEFINITELY want to read this interview with a Sweet Valley High ghostwriter. (The Hairpin)

– I love that the Mars Landing also spawned a Twitter celeb in the form of so-called Mohawk Guy. All I know is, I had a bunch of those scientists paired up in my brain and destined for true love. (Refinery29)

Why do Olympic Swimmers drink pool water? (New York Times)

– Also from the NYT: this AWESOME infographic about Usain Bolt. (New York Times)

– Jezebel investigates MY one true love: How Diet Coke Became the World’s Liquid Crack of Choice. (Jezebel)

Fashionista kindly takes a look at gymnastics style from 1976 to now. I can’t wait until all the sparkly pink goes out of fashion. (Fashionista)