Dudes! This weekend is the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books! It’s a wonderful event for book lovers – the complete schedule of events and all the details are available at the Festival of Books website, and you should check it out — and Heather and I will be appearing on a panel  called “Young Adult Fiction: A Little Help from My Friends,” on Sunday, April 13th, at 12pm. Our moderator is the awesome Aaron Hartzler, and Heather and I will be appearing along with fabulous authors Robin Benway and Lauren Myracle. We will be there to talk about — as you can probably guess from the title of the panel — our YA books Spoiled and Messy. (Our new adult book, The Royal We, will be primed and ready to go at next year’s FoB, but at the moment we are literally still writing it. Like, literally. I just wrote the words, “old furniture.” THERE IS OLD FURNITURE IN THIS BOOK THAT’S SET IN SOME PALACES SPOILER.)

Anyway, there will be a Q&A, as well as a book signing after the panel, so come on out and meet us, get books signed, ask us about the new book, the old books, books we didn’t even write, where I got my bracelet, whatever you like! IT IS FREE! You can even take the subway if you’re so inclined/there’s a stop by your house. (Parking is not free; parking is $10; there’s more logistical info here.)

And now onto your regularly scheduled F&P:

– This week’s Vanity Fair WHO WORE IT BEST pits UConn coach v. UConn coach for the REAL championship: the sartorial one.

– Per Esquire: Twin Peaks, 24 Years Later, Looks Better Than Ever. Damn fine, you might even say. (Esquire)

– You WILL read this profile of SWINTON. (Vulture)

– The wonderful Bill Cunningham has an art show running currently, and Paper has some of the photos. (Paper Magazine)

– This is great: The Definitive Guide to Wearing Prints Like Mindy Kaling. (Who What Wear)

– This is so dumb and you’ve probably already seen it, but I can’t stop laughing about it: Reporter’s Interview With the Mayor Ends With a Splash in What Might Be the Best News Blooper Ever. (E!)

– On quite literally the other side of the intellectual spectrum, the Met has a seriously very interesting article about tapestry. (The Metropolitan Museum)

‘Game of Thrones,’ We Need to Have a Talk About Your Nudity Imbalance, says Pajiba. (Pajiba)

– GQ takes a look at A Brief History of Men in Tights. Wearing them, not the Mel Brooks movie. (GQ)

– Speaking of: In 1893, Someone Predicted We’d Wear Leggings as Pants. (The Atlantic)

– This Jackie Collins Life In Pictures is DEEPLY AWESOME. (Vulture)

– This is…adorable. Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone dancing in the BBC offices. There is video. It has sound. You have been warned. IT IS CUTE. (The Frisky)

Katherine Heigl is seriously suing Duane Reade for SIX MILLION DOLLARS because they tweeted that she shopped there because there was a picture of her shopping there. (Lainey)

– The wonderful Joe Reid ranks all of the Real World/Road Rules contestants ever. (The Wire)

– Naya Rivera and Big Sean broke up AND she called him a thief! Not only of her heart! (Celebitchy)

Jennifer Lawrence is on the cover of Martha Stewart Weddings this month – with a bunch of other people — and her J Crew bridesmaid’s dress is way cuter than half the Dior she had to wear this year. (Buzzfeed)