I hate that tabloids are making fun of Kim’s pregnant body. It’s bad form even if she isn’t pregnant, but doubly so because she is. That is douchey in the extreme — not least because, while people have no control over how they gain weight anyway, women who are gestating ESPECIALLY do not get a say. I’ve been there; I’m sympathetic to watching your body create weird new shapes, and when you’re curvy to begin with, it’s going to surprise you even more. You grow how you grow, so to make someone feel like she isn’t ripening with child in the way that you had hoped and imagined is the height of suckitude. A BABY IS IN THERE TRYING TO GET BIGGER. Leave her body alone. (Mark my words, it’s all going to make her SO freaked out that it will lead to a cover story eight weeks after the birth about Kim’s “inspirational” story of losing 40 pounds in six weeks via some crackpot regimen of QuickTrim and twice-daily workouts and cutting out chewable food, which the story will attempt to imply is actually reasonable, and that we should all expect to drop baby weight that fast, which: No).

But Kim is trying so aggressively hard to get through this gestation period while being Fashionable with a capital F — or, you know, her version of Fashionable — that it’s hard to ignore her outfits, because she often ends up right back in her usual non-pregnant neighborhood of Fugly. Some of this stuff is fine and some of it is hilarious and some of it, like the above, is pure WTF. You can leave the body alone while still scratching your head at what’s covering it, and that is the line we aim to walk: focusing on the clothes that would be just as crazy on any living, breathing human, regardless of what’s happening in the womb. So let’s DO THIS. Gently, and with the right balance of empathy and emphatic nos.

[Photos: WENN, Pacific Coast News]