Yes, there are outfits to discuss, but we can ALSO dish the nominations themselves, because if Fug Nation loves anything, it’s an awards bash and lamenting those who are snubbed.

For me, things of interest are: Zero nominations for Homeland, which, although I still love those actors, is the kind of show/ensemble that felt like it would get nominated every time just for existing; Tatiana Maslany (Orphan Black) getting a deserved nod where the Emmys failed her; Josh Charles popping up in the Supporting Actor category for The Good Wife in its best-ever season and one in which he’s been tremendous; only one Modern Family cast nomination, making welcome room for new blood in those categories; Michael Sheen and Masters of Sex getting some love; Rob Lowe getting a nod for THAT FACE OMG THAT FACE in Behind The Candelabra; Hayden Panettiere returning again in the Supporting Actress category as Nashville’s only representative (and rightly; Deacon hasn’t had enough to do this season and Rayna is very one-note); the sadness of no final-season love for 30 Rock; nothing for some of the heartbreaking acting in Masters of Sex from people like Allison Janney, whose work on that show has revealed a softness and depth that is astonishing from someone who does acerbic and snappy so brillliantly; the oddness of acting nod for Andy Samberg on Brooklyn Nine-Nine, when the best things about that show are Terry Crews and Andre Braugher; and I’m sure there are way more but I’m tired and you’re bored of me already.

Anyway, chat it up in the comments, and in the meantime let’s hit the slideshow for some clothes talk.