No offense to Naomie Harris, but when we feature her next to Idris Elba, it often becomes about the halo of his hotness instead of about HER and so I worry that sometimes she gets lost. So this post is dedicated to her:

She is beautiful, she looks divine in that dress, and she doesn’t need to be riding ANYONE’s hot-halo coattails. (Does a halo have coattails? Let’s assume so, in case said halo is chilly; it IS winter after all.) This would’ve been understated and gorgeous even without the lace part, but that still manages to be a nice detail that doesn’t shove this into Tweeville, and her makeup with this color is very striking.  It wasn’t so long ago that she was doing the whole crotch-skimming sheer-overlay trick and I’m SO elated that she’s decided to let her face carry the day instead, because it’s more than capable of doing so. In sum: dreamy.

[Photo: Getty]