We wrote up the fashions of Michelle Obama and the Republican National Convention; now the DNC gets its turn in the spotlight.

And I’ll repeat: I will try to remain unbiased, but I may not always succeed, or I may think I did and you may disagree (as was rampantly the case with the RNC). One big reason we covered the RNC is because we already routinely write about Michelle, and we knew the DNC would have a more celeb-studded roster that would be relevant here, and we felt it would appear imbalanced if we didn’t make an effort to cover both. Likewise, if we boiled the RNC down JUST to the Trumps, it might have seemed like we were half-assing it or giving it short shrift. No agendas are being pushed here with the way we cover either of these things. Sometimes a compliment is just a compliment, and a joke is just a joke. If I tease a politician here or link to a news story there, it’s not because I’m pushing an agenda. It might be that I’m trying to provide relevant context, or maybe anticipating a note and trying to be thorough. Or it might be that I made myself laugh, or that I don’t like the person — or DO like the person — regardless of political affiliation. If I make fun of Trump, it’s not because he’s the Republican nominee; it’s because it’s Trump. Or if I like Michelle Obama’s dress or dislike Melania’s, it’s not because of either’s party affiliation. I promise.

We’re going to do our level best to set the right tone, and I also hope you know I’m sincere about good-faith efforts in that regard. This site is very much governed by my personality and Jessica’s, and how we think and feel, and sometimes that’s going to mean we say something that clashes with what you think (and not even about politics; about fashion, too).  Perhaps think of this site and that section as a bit like our living room: You know who we are, and what you’re likely to hear when you step in the front door and stay awhile. We can appreciate our differences; we just think it’s reasonable to expect no name-calling, acrimony, or fisticuffs. Fair?

And don’t worry: It’s unlikely we will keep this up. For one thing, the conventions are over; for another, I’m exhausted and want to lie down in a corner.

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