We have discussed at length whether to cover the clothes of the conventions, and in the end, we probably will deal with both — but at the end of the week, rolled into one post. (However, we must also reserve the right to change our minds about that, depending on what happens the rest of this week. You never know; emotions are running high.)

Anyway, regardless, Michelle Obama falls into our usual coverage map — as in, we already write about her regularly — so we decided not to wait on her. Especially because she showed up in Christian Siriano, which I like to think of as his cosmic reward for being so ready and willing and able in his career to embrace female forms of all kinds (most recently Leslie Jones’s).

And FLOTUS looked smashing, from the hair to the color of that dress to the shiny metallic shoes. A little soothing, a little sparkle. And frankly, the same qualities were present in her speech. I’m not trying to turn GFY into a political zone, because we all need a break from that. But I think it’s fair to say that Michelle gracefully tackled the election from a place of love and hope, not anger or fear, and for that I am profoundly grateful. It is a time when hope, globally, is in short supply. Whatever your political affiliation, my hope is that we don’t lose any more of it.

I assume Barack is shopping for frames right now.

[Photos: Getty]