Our intent, as I mentioned when we covered Michelle Obama, was to roll the DNC and the RNC into one big post. But APPARENTLY I should have just done this last week when it happened, because once I actually started pulling photos, I realized it would be a BIG post. Think Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman saying, “Big mistake. Big. HUGE.” So we’re splitting it up and covering the elephant today and the donkey tomorrow. Thank you for your patience. Also, we need more celebrities to leave the house. THANKS.

Another note: Again, we try to keep GFY apolitical. I’ve tried my best to keep my personal feelings about this election out of this post, but if I have not succeeded, I hope you’ll greet that with empathy because it was not an easy task. (And certainly when we cover the DNC tomorrow, we will poke fun where fun-poking is required. We are equal opportunity critics.) Accordingly, please do try and keep the comments civil. Republicans and Democrats alike should be able to relax into a discussion of Melania’s sleeves, you know? Thank you in advance.

[Photos: Getty]