I will always love Wimbledon, and that includes its crisp and quaint adherence to the tradition of the all-white clothes. (They even clung to white tennis balls until 1986, long after the other tourneys switched to yellow for better TV visibility.) It’s stodgy of them to have a dress code, but I am a stodgy person, so it’s all good. That said, Wimbledon’s staidness makes the U.S. Open feel like an even BIGGER explosion of color, and so I always especially look forward to it.

Also, it has been an EXTREMELY sporty month on GFY. And college football starts this weekend, and stupid Notre Dame rescheduled its game for Sunday night, when I have concert tickets and will have to miss the second half, WHY DO YOU HATE ME, ND, WHEN ALL I DO IS LOVE YOU. (I will be DVR’ing that one, and then also cheating and checking the score anyway because I can’t deal.)