When we were on TLo’s podcast last week, the four of us briefly got off topic, discussing celebrities we suspect of just having bad taste, which is my theory about J Law. (Which, look, she’s super talented; it’s way preferable to be Very Talented With Terrible Taste than to be Terrible At Your Job But Well Dressed, I think.) And one of the boys suggested that Julianne Moore might fall into the same category. Now, I will say that I really love this dress but suspect it might be Too Young For Her:

I dunno. Do we think there comes a point in a woman’s life when the bow needs to be set aside? I’m honestly asking. But, overall, I think that dress is a dishy velvet delight. (It is of course Saint Laurent and was originally a mini.)

THIS, however, is bringing down her average:


[Photos: Fame/Flynet]