This might technically be an UnFug for me, and the parts I want to UnFug are paining me:

Namely, that I don’t know if I think that Mark Cross bag she’s carrying really works with this — she looks like she’s toting around a shoe box in case she wants to swap footwear, which, PS: SHE SHOULD. And this causes me grief, because I truly think the most glamorous thing that ever happened in the entire world was when Grace Kelly flipped open her Mark Cross overnight case in Rear Window (a movie which I, as a person who cannot stop spying on her neighbors, truly relate to, although none of mine have tried to throw me out a window yet; bonus points for the fact that GK looks fabulous on an otherworldly level throughout). ALL Mark Cross bags should make you feel as if you are the most glamorous person in the world and I just feel like this one has been married with the wrong gown. (And perhaps needs MY monogram and to come live with me for a while?)

Dress-wise: I kind of want it to be shorter. IS THAT INSANE Y/N?

[Photo: Fame/Flynet]