You know what I just figured out?

You know how on The Vampire Diaries, Elena is Katherine’s Doppleganger (that feels like it takes caps lock), and so they’re identical but eventually, I assume, while Katherine will always be bouncy-haired and fabulously adolescent-ish in looks — due to being a vampire, obviously — Elena will presumably age? Judging from this outfit, we have all somehow fallen through a hole in the space/time continuum, it is currently 1988, and we learned that Evan Rachel Wood IS MADONNA’S DOPPLEGANGER. Dude. If I’d been asked to place money on this scenario, I TOTALLY would have wagered on Madonna being the conniving vampiric one — and I say that as someone who LOVES 1988-Era-Madonna –but now we have undeniable truth. No WONDER she dated Marilyn Manson that one time.