Have you been wondering what Debra Messing looks like lately?

The answer is: CRAZY.

Actually, this dress isn’t bad. It’s just the pose, and those boots, and the hair, and all of a sudden, she, just like Michelle Trachtenberg down there, ALSO looks like a TOTALLY OTHER PERSON all of a suddne. Did you read about this pilot she’s in, that Spielberg is producing? About a reluctant lyricist working on a Broadway musical about Marilyn Monroe? I think it sounds kind of terrible — like Studio 60 with Broadway instead of SNL — and I also think it sounds PROHIBITIVELY expensive, and I think it’s for NBC, which means it’ll probably get picked up and maybe be a disaster, and I really, REALLY hope that happens. Because I don’t know if you remember when DebMess here was on The Starter Wife (which I secretly really liked), but all her promotional events for it involved CRAAAAAAAAZY outfits and god knows we’re ready for her to pop back out on the scene wearing something cracked out. All of which is my roundabout way of saying, welcome back Debra. Please get crazier. Also, I miss your curly hair. THE END.