I am sorry, Naomi, but I can’t. You  know how there are some dresses that just awaken in people a COMPLETELY random reaction, and once it’s happened, you can’t un-have it? That’s where I am with this.

Naomi Watts

The whole color scheme, with those stripes, reminds me way too much of diagrams in my high-school science texts all about the layers of muscle and skin and tissue and organs… I don’t like innards and their related goo and textures. There’s a reason I didn’t become a doctor, and it’s because my attitude toward my physiognomy is, “If I can’t see it, it’s not happening, la la la la.” But I suppose the fact that your dress is giving me (admittedly bizarre) flashbacks to various posters, slideshows, and chapters I probably only pretended to read is of less importance than the fact that it makes you look three feet tall. However, I’m pretty sure Crate & Barrel is about to start to sell this in Marimekko bed linens, so you’ve got that going for you, right?

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