This is crazy — but the kind of crazy that always makes me laugh.

That isn’t the outfit of a young lady named Saoirse Ronan. It belongs to somebody’s Aunt Ida, who is known for her ambrosia salad, scotch-and-water that doesn’t have much water, dancing with her eyes closed at parties while smoking a cigarette in a long holder and listening to Best Of Cole Porter records, tinting her hair too blue, and going to the grocery store with two forgotten curlers in the back of her head. That lady be a gas, but she’s also a lot older than 21.

She wore something much livelier earlier in the day:

Totally on board with the weird and wild pattern, but that seam right across her abdomen is killing every bit of mojo this has. Could they be separates masquerading as a dress? Is THAT the root of the evil? But sadly, it’s still evil.

Also, you need to know that when I downloaded this photo, I thought, “Oh, good, we’ll put her up with Bill Paxton and we can all talk about Independence Day 2.” THAT’S BILL PULLMAN. The two Bills don’t even LOOK alike and yet somehow the wrong Bill’s name always comes out of my mouth even when I KNOW which one the right Bill is. Worse, I then immediately thought, “Sorry, Paxton. At least you made a good Jim Lovell in Apollo 13.” THAT WAS TOM HANKS.

At least Paxton IS in Apollo 13, but still. Is my brain broken? Double sorry, Paxton. You were definitely in Big Love and I mostly wanted to smack you the whole time, which I personally believe was correct and also half the point, so… congrats? I think we’re good here? Yeah.

[Photos: Getty]