I generally try to ignore Nicole Scherzinger — other than casually reflecting that it’s interesting to me how much success she’s seemingly had in the UK, and then falling down a Wikipedia Wormhole where I am reminded that she was nominated for a Grammy with The Pussycat Dolls (!), and subsequently they to The Black Eyed Peas for MY HUMPS OF ALL THINGS I DESPAIR FOR HUMANITY.  THAT CATEGORY IS INSANE IN WHAT WORLD IS “MY HUMPS” UP AGAINST “I WILL FOLLOW YOU INTO THE DARK”? (Other, I guess, than Songs That Make Me Want to Kill Myself For TOTALLY DIFFERENT REASONS); that she recorded “Don’t Cha” for SimPets in the Sim language (!!); and that she’s broken up with Lewis Hamilton three separate times. But this can not be ignored:

In the parlance of the GFY Glossary: WORDS.

[Photo: Fame/Flynet]