This photo album was captioned “MISCHA BARTON at I WILL FOLLOW YOU INTO THE DARK premiere,” and I misread it as, “MISCHA BARTON WILL FOLLOW YOU INTO THE DARK,” which sounds like a great Syfy TV show. She could track people down alleys and into their unlit houses, or you could just hire her for those moments where there’s a noise in your basement and the lightbulb is out and you want backup as you plunge into the inky depths. She should get on that immediately.

As for the clothes:

We begin so many posts with, “Well, her face looks nice,” which almost always portends doom for the rest of it. The good news for Mischa is that it’s not DOOM; just perhaps a drizzle of gloom. With the see-through shirt and satin skirt with the cheap-looking ruffle, I feel like we just got slammed in the abs with a bat marked “2002” and fell backward into a time when stylists were scarce, and young actresses almost exclusively wore clothes that looked like they cost $19.99 at Charlotte Russe. Then again, having just seen Miley’s pants, maybe we were headed back in that direction anyway.

[Photo: Fame/Flynet]