Lady Gaga has been back on the radar for, like, an hour, and I’m ALREADY OVER HER again.

And I was JUST thinking to myself how nice it is that she’d been doing some photos and whatnot looking more like her natural self. I was referring mostly to her FACE. I did not mean that I needed to see ALL OF HER NATURAL SELF. BEDAZZLED BODY CONDOMS ARE NOT CLOTHES.

It gets worse, and please know that this is probably not safe for work.

Idiotic shock value. I hate to tell her this, but Rose McGowan did it first, a long time ago. So it’s DERIVATIVE shock value, which feels like it would be the greatest crime of all in her ledger.

Over it. I am Denver and she is sea level and I am a mile OVER IT.

[Photos: Pacific Coast News]

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