You know, after you’ve worn a lip-shaped tube top, it’s tough to know where to go next. I can’t believe I even had to type that last sentence. I also can’t believe Leona Lewis figured out a way to at least equal her recent achievment in fuggery, if not beat it. LOOK OUT:

A lot of people are speculating that Leona got a nose job, and I can sort of see it: The tip seems more streamlined, although with those overbearing bangs it’s hard to tell. I’m also concerned with the fact that her face seems stuff, greasy, and purple, and that she looks more like a melting waxwork of Naomi Campbell than like her own awesome self. Oh, and there was something else, what is it… RIGHT: The high-waisted blue Spanx skirt and GIANT YELLOW BRA BOW. Honey. YOU ARE NOT A MY LITTLE PONY. Check out how chintzy it looks:

The bad news is, Leona designed both this and Hot Lips Houlifug herself (ah, M*A*S*H, apparently you are always timely). The good news is, she apparently ALSO designed what she’s wearing to the Grammys on Sunday, which means this string of cramazing WTF’ery is not over yet. Her Fug Madness seeding is all but assured.

[Photos: Splash News]

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