We saw Ashanti at BCBG on Thursday morning — always our Fashion Week opener – and she gave us this:

Yes: the finger. Via her shoes. With a long pink nail. To be clear, she was totally cheerful and friendly the whole time; she just happened to be wearing these Massimo Doganas, which the Internet says cost about $1100 (and are called F U shoes, and also have the phrase spelled out in cursive on the platform). For that kind of money, it should also be able to shave her leg, moisturize it, and contract the finger to scratch any itches she might develop. But at least this achieved one very important thing: I totally now have my Halloween costume set for next year. No need to bother with the rest of Ashanti — I’m JUST going to go as this shoe. And then later also possibly try to sell ad space on my feet to the American Sign Language people.

I suppose you might want to see what one wears WITH F U shoes. Here is Ashanti’s option:

That coif is so much more than a topknot. It’s, like, a topknob. That HAS to be heavy, right? Like wearing a baseball on your head all day? Yeow. But I can’t even bother with words for the rest of the outfit — it’s fine, it’s animalistic, it’s tight, it exists — because the shoes really are the prize.

Also on Thursday:

– We saw Johnny Weir at Richie Rich, but by the time he appeared, we were already too dead inside to care.

– At Christian Siriano, replete with falling models, Alexa Chung looked like Mrs. Roper and Mena Suvari confessed she’s making her own pajama shirt.

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