A word to the wise, Taylor Swift:

Taylor Swift at 'The Late Show with David Letterman' in NYC

[Photo: Splash News]

When you’re dating Jake Gyllenhaal — presumably for press — it’s probably in your best interest to avoid aping the Yellow Dress/Red Shoes combo so strongly associated with Reese Witherspoon, the most famous blonde who recently dated Jake Gyllenhaal presumably for press. You’re adorable, and this is cute enough, but we all know Reese Withersoon, and you, darling, are no Reese Witherspoon.

That being said, I’m looking forward to hearing your song, “I’m No Reese Witherspoon,” and I suggest the following rhymes: “bearding buffoon,” “troublesome pantaloon,”  and, in ode to our Intern, “Love the Cloon(s).”  You can feel free to make the check out to The Fug Girls.