Have you ever been to a live performance of Clue? The Nuart theater in L.A. occasionally screens the movie at midnight, Rocky Horror-style, with actual performers mouthing along with the movie and people in the audience wearing costumes and interacting. It’s totally awesome.
But I hope Rihanna doesn’t turn up at it, because based on this photo, nobody told her that in Clue, a) Miss Scarlet isn’t the one who encourages people to turn out their pockets and purses because “whoever’s got the gun is the murderer,” and b) Miss Scarlet also doesn’t wear scarlet. These are very important points. However, if they were to do something like that for Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, she might fit in — yeah, nobody wears this, but Janet the Soap Queen had a terrible wardrobe, or this outfit might be very symbolic if she plays one of the women Michael Caine cons out of her cash by trotting out Ruprecht the Monkey Boy. Also, I just want to see somebody trying to be Ruprecht the Monkey Boy. Maybe I’ll volunteer. I should go bang on my pots again as practice, just in case.
Do you think Rihanna ever thought her name would be used in the same paragraph as the phrase, “Ruprecht the Monkey Boy”? Probably not. Hooray, then, because not only is it Friday, but it’s a special day of firsts.
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