Yikes, Ke$ha.

I mean, it’s good that she doesn’t look homeless and sticky, but that’s only because she’s swapped those adjectives for “crooked” and “crispy.” I’m not sure Second Wife Of Some Dude From Warrant is the way she should’ve gone.

Oh yeah.  It’s pants. I really wish I didn’t live in a time when the phrase “It’s pants” could be used against me. I prefer to use it like I’m greeting an old friend — like, “Hey! It’s pants!” rather than plugged into the old “It’s Pat” jingle: “A lot of people say, ‘What’s that?’ It’s pants.” Sigh. You could plug the word “Ke$ha” into that also and it’d work. In twenty years if my kids ever find these entries they’ll go, “What is that?”, and I’ll be all, “Oh, it’s Ke$ha,” and shrug, and that will have to be sufficient.

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